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The 7 island sunset tour (which includes a BBQ) is one of the best bargain activities in all of Krabi.  The perks of this tour is that it only costs 800 baht, which means it is one of the two cheapest ways to see the islands outside of Ao Nang.  It also provides an inclusive (free) sunset barbeque on Poda Island in this cost, as well as hotel pickup and dropoff anywhere in Ao Nang, Railay Beach, or Krabi Town.

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1,000 Baht
800 Baht

We guarantee the best price or we will match your booking and beat it by 100 baht.  Contact us by email to make a reservation and we will respond with a confirmation and can also answer any of your questions.  Keep in mind you can reserve a spot without paying a deposit.  We just need the date you wish to go and the hotel or hostel you wish to be picked up from.  If you wish to pay via PayPal or credit card you may, but we ask that you pay the processing fee and for the currency conversion (usually around 4-5%).  You can pay cash in Thai Baht the day of your tour however.

The highlight of this tour is for most Poda Island, which offers stunning views and beaches and it is still during many times not overcrowded causing it to lose much of it’s charm like many other destinations in Thailand.  This tour is similar to the 4 island tours, but travels to many more locations and islands.  You do not technically visit 7 islands by foot, but you do on 4 and you get to see and/or snorkel at 3 other spots.

It is cheaper than the Phi Phi Islands or 4 Island tours, yet it encompasses more destinations of visits islands of great splendor.  The only downside is less time spent at each location versus more time at each island on the 4 island tour.  Other Krabi island tours visits the same islands, but at different times and also start in the early morning.  This tour starts later (1pm which accommodates to those who like to sleep in or have a later start).  By visiting the islands at different times than similar tours it avoids crowds and allows access to the sunset BBQ on Poda Island.

The stops and islands included in this epic journey include:

  • Railay Beach – Railay is famous for it’s pristine water and beaches, incredible kayaking, and ao much more.  The tour does not stop at Railay, but cruises by allowing for some stunning views.
  • Phra Nang Cave – One of the highlights of the sunset cruise and tour is seeing one of the most spectacular spots in Thailand.  Have your camera ready since you will have incredible opportunities to capture some impressive portraits.
  • Chicken Island – Some say it looks like a chicken, others say it looks like a Turkey.  Whatever impression it leaves on you, you will be sure to enjoy navigating around this fascinating island.
  • Tup and Mor Islands – Tup Island is to many who takes this adventure to be the highlight of the day.  Tour the island and even pick up a cold drink and chill on the beach before launching off to the next destination.
  • Koh Si Island – The snorkeling on all the islands of this tour provides phenomenal views of marine life and plenty of nice coral.  Si Island is arguably the best of all the islands for seeing what lies beneath.  Many participants of the 7 island sunset tour mention they could spend an entire day here, being it is so surreal.
  • Poda Island – Poda Island is an island with idyllic beaches, fascinating limestone rock islands off it’s shores, and one of the most stunning sunsets in all of Thailand.  What makes the 7 Island Sunset Tour a good choice is to visit Poda in the evening once the sun sets and the colors of the sky take your breathe away.
  • Night Snorkeling – The final stop is a very special one which you will have a chance to snorkel and view the famous bioluminescent plankton that glows in the water.  It can be an enchanting experience and makes the trip worth it for this activity by itself.